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Cultured to Create was founded in 2019 by Asthetik Bham & a small group of Birmingham Creatives with varying backgrounds, with a sole purpose to highlight local artist talent via collaboration with local brands. Our mission is to bridge the gap in culture, education and community by creating a platform of opportunities through creative experiences. It is through these unique experiences are we able to help foster and push brand awareness for many companies along with the artist talent right here within the city.

Our primary focus is aimed at unique creative experiences to help brands and artists jointly tell a story to a desired target market through experiential marketing. Now that social media has taken on a whole society of it's own, it's important for brands and artists to stay connected to create meaningful engagements for various markets. 


Creatives are willing to openly endorse businesses/platforms that support their talents and ideas.

More than one third of B2B marketers stated influencer marketing has delivered the most impact to their brand's experiential strategy.


Consumers are likely to engage with content/products supported by experiences and endorsed by key influencers (i.e. creatives, small business owners, and/or politicians) in the community.

In fact, about 65% of consumers say that live events and product demonstrations helped them fully understand a product better than any commercial or other method could.


People are likely to connect and collaborate through an immersive experience that triggers conversation.

Of event attendees, 75% reported that networking and making connections was important to them. But in the smartphone age, making an in-person connection can seem an insurmountable task.

About Us


Bridging the gap by breaking cultural barriers and creating opportunities through collaboration.


Curating unique experiences to inspire and foster diverse communities.


Supporting creatives and entrepreneurs through resources and awareness.


Enriching Birmingham by engaging with underserved communities through local partnerships and programs.


"Being a part of Cultured to Create has made a unique space to not only uplift the creative community, but the community of Birmingham as a whole. Having this opportunity to collaborate with such a creative and talented team on ideas and initiatives to create a new energy in the city, has really renewed my own excitement for the future of Birmingham. There are so many things this city is capable of creating on its own and I hope C2C can be one movement that push Birmingham and Birmingham creatives forward"!

- Caroline Japal, Creative Director

Meet the Team

Jamie Heard


Founder & Production Manager

Valyncia Johnson


Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Isaac Nunn


Media Producer

Dontez Heard


Founder & Media Producer

Caroline Japal


Creative Director

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