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Creating through experience.
Promoting culture & creativity by setting a new tone for the Collab over Competition movement.
We work to connect creatives and various brands to jointly tell a story, reaching the community and desired market through a creative experience. 


Bridging the gap by breaking cultural barriers and creating opportunities through collaboration.


Curating unique experiences to inspire and foster diverse communities.


Supporting creatives and entrepreneurs through resources and awareness.


Enriching Birmingham by engaging with underserved communities through local partnerships and programs.

"From the floor to ceiling foil wall to the neon pink oasis. These instagram worthy art installations were perfection!"

"You ever been around people who were creative like you? It was definitely a vibe!"

"Such an incredible night celebrating Birmingham Creatives!"

"The magic that came from Cultured to Create art installations! This event was exactly what this city of creatives needed & we didn't event know it."

"I couldn't believe i was still in Alabama! So looking forward to the next event"!

"This event was like a movie!"


We are always looking for various creatives to be a part of the team to assist with various aspects from content creation to engineers to assist with sets. Click the link below to tell us a bit about your self and someone from our recruiting team will reach out with next steps. 

Interested in being a part of the creative team?
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